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LucentAD Sample Collection Information

At Lucent Diagnostics, we are proud to unveil our breakthrough product, LucentAD. Designed to transform the landscape of Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic testing, LucentAD uses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and actionable results from a blood sample and empower healthcare professionals while improving patient outcomes. 

Alzheimer’s Pathology Detection Made Simple 

The recent emergence of promising new Alzheimer’s therapies has brought to light an urgent need for improved tools to help diagnose the disease in its early stages when therapeutic intervention is most likely to deliver clinical benefit. 

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Join us on this transformative journey. Discover how LucentAD, powered by Quanterix, can empower you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of Alzheimer’s disease. Take control of your health and unlock a brighter future today.


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