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LucentAD p-Tau 217

LucentAD, p-Tau 217 Blood-Based Biomarker (BBM) Test 

LucentAD p-Tau 217 is a non-invasive blood test to help identify if a patient with cognitive impairment symptoms is likely or unlikely to have amyloid plaques in the brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease. LucentAD p-Tau 217 relies on quantitation of the tau isoform that is phosphorylated at the 217 amino acid residue (p-Tau 217) in plasma. This quantification provides rule-in/rule-out data that could impact final diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in patients with cognitive impairment. p-Tau 217 is the only plasma biomarker identified by Alzheimer’s Association( Worgroup  as appropriate for diagnosis of amyloid pathology for Alzheimer’s Disease. The recently launched LucentAD p-Tau 217 test is intended to aid in the earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Alzheimer’s Pathology Detection Made Simple 

LucentAD p-Tau 217 test achieved an overall accuracy exceeding 90%, which meets the stringent requirements set forth in the most recent Alzheimer’s Association (AA) Workgroup Revised Criteria for Diagnosis and Staging of Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore, the AA Workgroup criteria identifies p-Tau 217 as the only plasma biomarker appropriate for accurately diagnosing amyloid pathology.  

Recent emergence of promising new Alzheimer’s therapies has shown an urgent need for improved tools to help diagnose the disease in its early stages, when therapeutic intervention is most likely to deliver clinical benefit.  LucentAD p-Tau 217 is Lucent Diagnostics’ response to this need.

Key Features of the LucentAD Assay

  • Unrivaled Sensitivity: LucentAD’s technology enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers at ultra-low levels, offering sensitivity and precision. 
  • Less Invasive Sampling: By measuring levels of p-Tau in blood, such as p-Tau which is a key biomarker associated with Alzheimer’s pathology, LucentAD helps enable more timely decision making and an improved experience for the patient. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design streamline the diagnostic process, ensuring efficiency and minimizing the time required for test completion. 
  • Research and Development: Lucent Diagnostics remains committed to ongoing research and development, continuously striving to optimize the use of LucentAD as well as to explore new biomarkers to expand our diagnostic test offerings in the future. 

Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

At Lucent Diagnostics, we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative diagnostic solutions. Lucent Diagnostics is poised to transform the way neurodegenerative diseases are diagnosed, monitored, and treated.

Ordering LucentAD p-Tau 217

The LucentAD p-Tau 217 test is run in Lucent Diagnostics CLIA certified laboratory and is available in the US to medical providers, for their eligible patients. Blood samples are shipped, refrigerated or frozen, to the Lucent laboratory in packaging provided.

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